Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New things and such!


I've totally copied Marylou Flamingo and have decided that blogging is so much easier than a website (what the hell is HTML?).

I got lots of cute things in, so I wanted to tell you about them....

Great shoes, including a cute pair of size 7 radical heels and two awesome size 10.5/11 pointy flats (still too small for me?? Ugh!)

A super cute 1950s yellow party dress with a nice drop back and great bow detail.

And these cute dresses too! Think fringe for Fake Prom this year! The cute stripe dress is actually adorable and sleeveless! Two pieces!!

Oh, and my belt ladder is full! FULL!

Okay, come in and see things for yourself! And buy your Fake Prom tickets here too!

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